Ultimate 2D Starter Pack

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Everything you'd ever need to create your own complete 2D sidescroller!

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  • Supported Engine Versions


Ever wanted to make a 2D sidescroller? Now you can!

This pack

provides all the functionality for almost every mechanic you could think of in

a 2D game! This pack includes easy to navigate blueprints with tutorials

presented in comment boxes throughout!

The pack can be used on any platform (mobile, PC etc.), with the functionality easily transferable to

existing projects for implementation into your own games! Demonstrations of the

functions will be laid out across the demo map provided in this purchase, with

text instructions above telling you how to use each function. From there on,

delve into the blueprints and see the functionality yourself!

For a full list of features, see below

Demo Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTlXHenYpzc&feature=youtu.be

Feel free to message us for any inquiries about this pack or any issues you may be


Note: The idea of this pack is not to provide you with artwork but mechanical functionality, though you are welcome to use the art used to demonstrate the functions.

Technical Details

Character Features

  •  Moving and Jumping (can change jump height and speed)
  •  Double Jump
  •  Dashing (ground and air dash)
  •  Wall sliding and jumping
  • Fully functional health and damage system
  •  EXP level and health system
  • Basic HUD displaying health, ammo and number of coins
  • Basic animation states used as demonstrations and as templates to implement your own
  • Ability to swap character skins/change character!


  • Following/tracking and patrolling enemies
  •  Wave/Rounds of enemy’s system!!!!
  • Shooting and melee attacking enemies
  • Drop coins on death
  • Enemy health and damage system


  • Shooting and reloading
  • 4 weapon classes
  • Ability to swap weapons (holding 2 weapons at once)
  • Grenades


  • Coin pickups (saves to a value and displayed on HUD)
  • Moving platforms (intractable and auto-moving)
  •  Push-able and Pull-able objects!!!
  •  Destructible objects (that spill coins)
  •  Open-able chests (one requires a key and the other does not)
  • Game save and load functionality
  • Pick-up items (Ammo, health and double jump perk!)
  • Jump pad!
  • Touch buttons and Keyboard input fully functional
  • Bobbing functionality on items

Number of Blueprints: 41

Input: Keyboard and Touch Controls

Supported Development Platforms: All

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Android, iOS

Documentation: Heavy blueprint commenting as tutorials



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