UIWS - Unified Interactive Water System

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Drag and drop Interactive water bodies that simulate interactive ripples and interactive caustics. Waves interact with foliage. Works with any material.

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UIWS is the leading solution for dynamic interactive water bodies in Unreal Engine 4. Beautiful unified interactive fluid, interactive caustic lighting, collision and damage handling and more! The plugin is super easy to use with almost no setup required; Simply drag, drop, scale, and play!

Trailer: https://youtu.be/ofmMdnL_xgI

Overview Video: https://youtu.be/cOOJjaTbMug

Photorealistic Scene: https://youtu.be/-Xl18rsUE64

Playable Demo: https://egray.io/uiws/demo/

Product Site: https://egray.io/uiws


  • Unified dynamic water body system.
  • Real-time fluid interaction with caustic reflection & refraction.
  • Automatically interacts with any object, mesh, or even particle effect.
  • Collision and Damage particle effect spawning out of the box
  • Works with any material
  • Designer friendly - easy to setup, no restriction on body scale or number. Just beautiful water for your game!
  • Easy to customize in editor or via blueprint.
  • Optional full manual control over all system via blueprint or c++ events and overrides
  • Underwater post processing
  • Well optimized for a wide range of target hardware

Technical Details

Code Modules: UIWS (Runtime)

Number of Blueprints: 0

Number of C++ Classes: 5

Network Replicated: N/a

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Android

Documentation: https://egray.io/uiwsdocs

Important/Additional Notes: If you need specific platform or version support get in touch!

Bug Alert: I've just discovered an issue with UIWS water bodies not working correctly when added to streamed sublevels. Fix completed and will be uploaded within 24hrs (posted: 17feb 9:00pm gmt+10).

4K Perf Test: https://youtu.be/W7zo-vSNgcY

UIWS 1.4 Live now!

Release Notes :

-Fixed blueprinted water jumping to origin on placement bug

-Fixed phantom caustics at origin bug

-Added workaround for issue caused by running dedicated server in PIE

-Bodies now support yaw rotation with accurate caustics

-Mesh component chunking added - water mesh is now made up of a number of meshes for performance and quality reasons. Allows for uniform water density at infinite scale

-Aggressive optimization and scalability options for low end (eg, optionally enable one sim step per tick reducing cpu overhead)

-Added Some Per platform scalability options.

-Switch and IOS official support (any platform should hypothetically work)



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