UE4Http(Http Request for UE4)

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Only need to use the blueprints, you can perform various types of HTTP request operations. And it is super stable.

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Contains various types of HTTP request operations.: Eg. (GET, PUT, POST).

Just use the blueprint functions and don't need to use any C++ code.

This plugin encapsulates the internal Http module of Unreal Engine 4.

This plugin is cross-platform and very stable.

We tested this plugin for a long time and verified that this plugin did not cause any crashes.

Our "UE4Http" vs. "LE Http Request" and "VaRest"

Our "UE4Http" : No any crashes. Lower memory consumption. The structure is very simple, try to restore the native UE4 Http module structure.

"LE Http Request": When using the this plugin, if you call HTTP Request for each tick, it always crashes. And in this plugin, it creates a new Http Response Object for each request.

"VaRest": Often crash in tick functions. JSON parsing is mixed in, the structure is a bit complicated.

Technical Details


  •  various types of HTTP request operations
  •  Only use the blueprints
  •  Cross-Platform
  •  Very Stable(Robust)
  •  No any crashes

Code Modules:

  •  UE4Http(Runtime)

Number of Blueprint Nodes: More than 56.

Number of C++ Classes: More than 5.

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux.

Supported Target Build Platforms: "Win64", "Win32", "Mac",  "XboxOne", "Linux", "Android", "IOS", "PS4", "HTML5", "TVOS".

Documentation and Example Project: https://gitlab.com/UE4PluginsOfLiam_Public/UE4Http_Public

Important/Additional Notes: Robust, Robust, Robust.



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