Two Elevator Systems ( Glass framed / Enclosed )

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Fully functional + Modular ( can add floors easily )

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[Instructions on how to add Elevators]

This package contains two different elevator systems.

A glass framed elevator system allowing you to see outside as the elevator moves.

A fully enclosed elevator system.

The list of features the elevator has are:

-can queue up the floors, the elevator will go to each floor in the order of the buttons pressed.

-The doors will detect if there is any physics object / player blocking it and open accordingly

-sound f/x for ( moving / opening / closing doors / arriving at floor ) are included

-Escape hatch for each elevator can be open / closed via blueprint events

-Speed of the elevator movement and door movement can be specified. Time to wait at each floor can be specified

Both systems are completely modular allowing you to build your own elevator system. Because I made custom buttons for each elevator system, there is a maximum number of floors you can add for each system.

The first system supports up to 52 floors.

The second system supports up to 33 floors.

You can modify each elevator system to support more floors. You just have to modify the blueprint and add more buttons ( may need to resize the buttons and position them so they fit properly on the elevator control panel). It's not terribly difficult to do.

All Materials are PBR configured and use a combination of unique UVs and tiling UVs to make efficient use of texture space. For example, The large structural beams and cables use tiling UVs.

Technical Details


  •  Fully modular pieces ( can even use your own custom meshes )
  •  Sound F/X included
  •  Easy to ready commented blueprints and full documentation on how to create elevator from scratch

Texture Sizes: (please list resolutions for each texture)

  •  The main elevator box uses 4096x4096 texture. The buttons use 256x256 and in some cases 128x128
  •  The structural frame uses 4096x4096 texture
  •  The LED lights for the floors use a 2048x2048 texture

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Collision: Yes, custom

Vertex Count: The main elevator box is around 8,000 triangles and 9,000 vertices. The structural frame pieces are around 2,000 triangles / 3,000 vertices.

LODs: LODs are used for the larger pieces ( 4 LODs ). Some of the smaller pieces don;t use LODs because their triangle counts are so low

Number of Meshes: 33

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 22

Number of Textures: 47

Supported Development Platforms: Windows PC

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows PC

Documentation: Yes, contained in "Content\Elevator\Documentation"



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