Trees: Beech tree

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Pack of realistic beech tree for forest and urban spaces

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update: with 4.19 update we added also an autumn variation. enjoy :) 

4 unique beech forest trees and 6 beech urban trees + 2 variations, 1 grass model, 2 ground textures (leaves; grass), 2 x showcase scenes

PBR Materials

albedo, normal, roughness, and occlusion maps

Up to 4096x4096 Textures

Pivot Painter animation

3 stages of LOD's

Collision also included

Technical Details

Props scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Physically-Based Rendering: Yes

Collision: Yes, Custom and Generated

Triangle Count:

Forest trees: 16400 - 68

Street trees:  10150 - 4000

LODs: 4 or 3 Including Billboards

Number of Meshes: 17

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 10 Materials and 24 Instanced

Number of Textures: 31

Intended Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, Htc Vive

Platforms Tested: Windows, Htc Vive

Documentation Included: No



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