Train Controller

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This set of blueprints allows you to create your own trains, roller coasters, and other tracked actors as well as their tracks. You can control them either via player input or Blueprint events.

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The main controller is an actor component that when added to an actor, can allow it to be moved along a track or series of tracks. It contains a variety of options to allow for the creation and control of your desired actor type. The actor can be controlled via player inputs, or through the use of blueprint events from the owning actor or any other, with some example automover actors included. If you are looking for a simple option to allow for a player controlled or automated train, mining cart, tram, or other type of train like actor, then this controller may be of use to you.

Also included is...

  • A camera controller, for use when having a player controlled train or anything else you may want to use it on.
  • A meshed track actor, that allows you to quickly create tracks for your trains, while deforming a mesh to match the resulting spline shape.
  • Some automovers to allow for simple automatic control over a train when it overlaps with the automover in question (such as telling it it's time to stop and open its doors, or that it needs to slow down).
  • Two types of track and and two cars for demonstration and testing purposes. Should you wish to use them in your own projects as well though, they do have some basic options for color and roughness on their materials and also have custom collisions where appropriate to allow for easier use in a range of situations.

This controller is replicated and supports multiplayer (as of last update).

Technical Details


  •  Allows for the quick and easy creation of train like actors using almost whatever art assets you have available.
  •  Cane be controlled by player or automatic means.
  •  Includes an actor for easily creating simple track sections.
  • Multiple options to allow for customization of the behavior of the train controller.
  • The ability to chain multiple actors together to form a train.
  • Camera controller.

Number of Blueprints: 12 Blueprints.

  • 7 Actors
  • 1 Pawn
  • 3 Actor Components
  • 1 Blueprint Interface

Input: Entirely optional, but uses keyboard and mouse input events for demonstration purposes.

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows




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