Traffic Lights Pack

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Collection of functional crosswalk and traffic lights, with mounting frames, for urban environments.

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This pack contains realistic crosswalk and traffic light models which use dynamic materials for functionally illuminated signals. Included Blueprints provide automated setup of complex signal sequences and feature actors with preconfigured arrangements of traffic lights, crosswalk lights and mounting frames.

All models feature materials with detailed PBR texture maps. Models also have at least 3 levels of detail with LOD distances preset for optimized rendering.

8 Traffic Light Variants - 2, 3 and 5 bulb configurations
1 4-way Flasher
10 Traffic Light Mounting Frames
1 4-way Traffic Light Mount
2 Crosswalk Lights
3 Crosswalk Mounts
2 Crosswalk Switches
1 Street Lamp Light Housing
2 Street Lamp Poles
1 Traffic Camera
1 Traffic Camera Mount
23 - Traffic Light Frame Blueprints - various light arrangements
8 - Intersection Blueprints - common arrangements of traffic light frames

All traffic light models come with 3 color variations black, yellow and green for the housings.
Detailed user manual with descriptions and illustrated procedures for using and modifying the various assets.

Technical Details

● Physically-Based Rendering
● Collision
● LODs (all models have at least 3 LOD meshes. Larger meshes have 4 LOD meshes)
● Number of Meshes: 33 (32 prop/prop components, 1 demo terrain)
● Number of Materials and Material Instances: 60 (3 masters, 57 instances)
● Number of Textures: 114
● Documentation Included
● Number of Materials: 60 (3 masters, 52 primary props, 4 demo props, 1 template street sign)
● Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variation: Yes (3 masters, 116 instances)
● Number of Textures: 114 (104 props, 6 demo terrain, 1 demo street sign, 3 placeholder)
● Texture Resolution (complete list): See TrafficIntersectionPack_AssetDetails.xls workbook
● Number of Blueprints: 72 (65 actors & subclasses, 1 function library, 5 data, 1 enum)
● List of Features: Most Blueprints are complex arrangements of other actors, such as a traffic light frame with a series of traffic and crosswalk lights. Others are data containers and logic for cycling lights.

Most of the place-able Blueprint actors are compound arrangements of functional child actors. Several common traffic light arrangements are provided for traffic light structures and some complex intersection layouts. The content package has been designed to be modular so that users can make and modify custom traffic light/intersection arrangements. The provided PDF user manual explains how to set parameters for intersections and light cycle timing. It also provides information on how to customize actors and models. Please also note that textures and materials were created with exaggerated wear & tear for typical game aesthetics and appeal.



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