TPS Starter Pack

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Third Person Shooter Starter Pack with features like Cover System Weapons Drop/Pickup Paintball Projectiles AI's an amazing kit to begin your journey to the world of Unreal !!!

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.14 - 4.17


Demo Level: Here
Weapons System : Here
Player Cover: Here
AI Cover: Here

Everything is self-explanatory 100% Blueprint no c++ no plugins just a simple Blueprints fully commented so you can edit change anything you want made the system as easy as possible to understand and implement to your own project


• Weapon Free mode
• Weapon Drop / Pickup System
• IK Support For Holding The Weapons For Player And AI
• Health system with Health Regen connected to HUD
• Damage System works on Player And AI
• Fully implemented Locomotion system run walk jump and crouch
• Magazine for each weapon with HUD
• Full Controller Support (Tested On DS4)
• Reload System With Animation Press R to Reload or when the weapon ran out of bullets
• Cover System With Cover High And Low Well implemented Blueprints to detect the cover size location and even move the camera according to the angle of the player *(Only Placeholders for the Cover No Animations You need Cover Animset Pro for the Cover to fully function)
• Aiming For Character and AI Using it's own Aiming Blendspace can aim while in cover
• 2 AIs Patrol And Cover AI Using 2 different weapons Cover AI can take cover high or low aim and chase players while in cover or out of it
• Assault Rifle Semi-automatic With 30 bullets round with shooting recoil reload and swap weapon animations
• Shotgun Shots 5 bullets have round of 30 with recoil shooting and reload and swap weapon animations
• Weapon inventory System
• Paintball projectile (With 7 different textures)
• Vault / Jump over cover (Experimental Works better with Kubold vault animation)\

And More !!!

Note : the cover system works better with cover Animset Pro
if you have the animations i made an easy tutorial how to place them within the system check out my channel Below

Technical Details

Blueprints: 16 (23 Example)
Platform: Windows
PlatformTested: Windows
Documentation Included: every single blueprint is commented and easily editable
Additional Note: The Cover System works better with Cover Animset Pro
Tutorials: On My Channel and more will be coming Click Here
Intended Platform: Windows



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