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Build, Inventory, Crafting, Equipping Items and more using Touch.

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The build and inventory system is fully dynamic to be very easy to add new items.


• Build and demolish  

• Inventory System

• Craft System

• Pick up, Drop, Use, Split, Stack, Move, Take All, Equip

• Dynamic Storage System

• Dynamic Bag System

• Dynamic System to generate items

Technical Details

Items included (35):

• Resources: Wood, Stone, Pine Plank, Leather, Metal, Metal Ingot

• Consumables: Raw Meat, Cooked Meat, Blueberry, Redberry, BlueTea, RedTea, Canteen Full, Canteen Empty

• Structures: Campfire, Forge, Cooking Pot, Woodworking, RainCatcher, Small Storage, Medium Storage, Large Storage, Wooden Foundation, Wooden Wall, Wooden Door

• Equipments: Blue Bag, Green Bag, Red Bag

• Weapons: Green Stick, Red Stick, Blue Stick 

• Armors: Leather hat, Leather Shirt, Leather Pants, Leather Shoes

+ 9 items in the tutorials (Flint, Carrot, Carrot Seed, Crop Plot, Hatchet, Vault, Stone Foundation, Yellow Bag, Yellow Shirt).

• Number of Blueprints: 85

• Number of Widgets: 29

• Number of Meshes: 24

• Number of Textures: 87

• Number of Master Materials: 33

• Number of Material Instances: 5

• Input Mappings: Mouse, Keyboard, Touch

• Network Replicated: No

• Important/Additional Notes: All meshes and materials are simplified to illustrate.

• Documentation: Yes here

• Videos tutorials on how to add new items (read the documentation first): here

• Intended Platform: Windows, Android, IOS

• Platforms tested: Windows, Android

Patch Notes



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