Top Gears Mega Pack 125+

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Boost your level design in minutes with animated Gears Mega Pack!

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This low poly pack contains over 125 .fbx objects, Gears, and Cogs to boost your level design in minutes.

No more limits to your creativity, easily create, animate, and change gears and cogs in a very simple way!

Blueprint Level example included to set direction and speed to your Gears.

Video on Youtube:

Discord Channel:

Technical Details


  • More than 125 .fbx files 
  • Easily animated with Blueprint
  • No size limit with unattached gears and cogs
  • Easily change the gear and cog Meshes
  • All UV Maps with uniform Texel Density
  • Low Poly Meshes, made for games
  • Demo level available

Texture Sizes:

  • 1 Texture included for Texel Density test
  • 1 Standard material for gears, use your own level Materials

Documentation: How to use txt file available in the pack.

Versions Control:

V1.3 - Clean up Redirectors - 14/05/2018

V1.2 - Assign Material to all props, clean up redirectors - 12/05/2018

V1.1 - Added new Gears - 10/05/2018

V1 - First Release - 03/05/2018



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