Top Down Stealth Toolkit

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The Top Down Stealth Toolkit is a pure blueprint framework that enables quick & easy creation of Stealth games from a Top Down Perspective.

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    4.12 - 4.16


The Top Down Stealth Toolkit is a pure blueprint framework that enables quick & easy creation of Stealth games from a Top Down Perspective.


Top Down Camera Perspective.

Patrol Guards that can respond to multiple types of stimuli including the player character, incapacitated team mates, alarms, & other types of noises.

Cameras, Motion Sensors, Laser Security Systems, & Turrets function as supporting entities to assist the Patrol Guards & provide additional layers of challenge to the player.

Use Whistle, Gadgets, Suit Abilities, & Weapons to distract or disable AI Bots.

Gadgets: Proximity ShockMine.

Suit Abilities: EMP Blast.

Weapons: Stun Gun, Hand Gun, & Silenced Hand Gun.

Place Exit Point & collectible Gems across the level to drive the core gameplay.

The Loadout Menu at level startup enables selection of Gadgets through player driven choices.

A persistent Mission Stats system that provides High Score information at the end of a level.

Dynamic Vision Arcs, Noise Pulse Emitters, Range Decals, & AI State Display Icons accurately portray information about the AI Perception Status to the player, thus providing the tools to make calculated decisions.

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Technical Details

The Suit Abilities, Gadgets, Weapon Systems, & Stamina Management for the player character, & Dynamic Vision Arcs, Laser Tracking, & Patrol Waypoint systems for the AI Bots are handled through the use of custom components & interfaces. The component based design provides improved modularity & enables easy integration with different classes.

Variables are categorized into 'User Defined' & 'Automatically Set' to facilitate identification of customizable parameters.

The Vision Arc Optimizer actor provides performance boost by removing rendering calculations for Vision Arcs outside the screenspace.

Blueprint function library employed to easily retrieve references to core gameplay actors from all blueprints.

Event driven logic used predominantly over continuously ticking services for HUD updates.

Ranged Patrol Guards & Turrets use Laser Tracking components to acquire & lock on to targets.

The Game Mode handles initialization of all core gameplay actors from a single central location using a linear workflow design.

The Player Controller acts as a conduit for all low level HUD update requests, while the Game Instace & HUD classes manage high level HUD changes.

The Gadget Selection menu is populated dynamically based on information specified in the Gadget Data Array, thus eliminating the need for manual HUD changes when adding/removing gadgets.

Intended Platform: Windows



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