Tiled Toolkit

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Allows you to import and parse Tiled Map Editor files (.tmx, .tsx) to Unreal asset files (.uasset). Can be used with BP and C++.

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Provides blueprint/C++ functions to parse and import Tiled Tilemap (.tmx) files and Tiled Tilesets (.tsx) files. Supports the standard Tiled file format (.tmx and .tsx) and templates (.tx) files.

VIDEO(Tileset importing): https://youtu.be/aSyHZhVWVQE

VIDEO(Tilemap importing/generator): https://youtu.be/XbtF3Wwd_rg


The settings for this plugin are in: Editor Preferences -> APTiled. Here you can change some importing parameters and set the Tiled executable filepath. If you right click on a APTiledTileset or APTiledTilemap asset you can use the "Open with Tiled" option.

To import Tiled Tilemaps or Tilesets, just drag and drop the .tsx / .tmx files in the content browser. You can re-import those assets too. the Tileset textures will be place in a folder called Textures and will be extruded. You can change this behavior in Editor Preferences -> APTiled -> Extrude Tileset if needed.

To parse in runtime a Tilemap or Tileset file use the Blueprint functions (ParseTiledTilesetFile or ParseTiledTilemapFile) and it will return the raw data parsed.

Technical Details

Parser supported features:

  • Based on Tiled 1.2.0 version.
  • All Tiled Tilemaps orientations (Orthogonal, Isometric, Isometric Staggered, Hexagonal Staggered)
  • Embedded Tilesets inside .tmx files.
  • Standard Tiled .tmx, .tsx and .tx formats.
  • Tiled Object, Tile and Image layers.
  • All type of objects available in Tiled (Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Polyline, Point, Text, Tile)
  • All Tile Layer formats in Tiled (CSV, XML, Base64 uncompressed, Base64 compressed zlib or gzip)
  • Tilemaps tile collision objects information.
  • Key-Value user data in tilemap, tileset, tile and layers.
  • Template objects in .tx files.

Parser NOT (yet) Supported features:

  • Group layers in tilemap.
  • Animations parsing.
  • Terrains parsing.
  • (Collection of images type) Tilesets

Importing features:

  • It parses Tilesets from .tsx files and creates an APTiledTileset asset that supports everything except terrains. Only Rectangle, Ellipse and Polygon are imported to the APTiledTileset. Other collisions are ignored.
  • It parses Tilemaps from .tmx files and saves the data in APTiledTilemap. Then you can always retrieve this information in runtime and create the layers you need for your custom Tilemap behavior.

Code Modules:

  •  APTiled(Runtime) - Contains Tiled Parser, Parser output data containers, APTiledTileset and APTiledTilemap assets.
  •  APTiledEditor(Editor) - Contains the factories and importing logic of APTiledTileset and APTiledTilemap. Settings for the importing process.

Number of Blueprints: 1

Number of C++ Classes: 1 class / 8 structs

Supported Platforms: Win32, Win64



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