Tiled Materials

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10 handmade high quality materials.

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  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.10 - 4.13


A bunch of 10 tiled materials, fully setup and ready to plug in your project.
All textures is in 4K resolution with normal and roughness map (metal have metalic map)
Can be used in mobile projects with lower material resolution (2K or 1K). All lower resolution meterials setup included.

Technical Details

37 4096*4096 textures (6 of them is roughness variations), 31 2048*2046, and 31 1024*1024.
All textures have disabled gamma-correction. Don't delete 'power' node to save that
10 master materials and material instances for every resolution variation (4K, 2K, 1K)
3 simple static meshes
Total size: 2.5 Gb

Platforms Tested: Windows, Android, iOS



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