Thunderstorm Sound FX Ambience Construction Kit

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Collection of a loopable thunderstorm background track and a bunch of additionals to create an infinite thunderstorm.

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All the soundeffects appear in the demotrack. I also put some musical elements in the background for obvious reasons.

This thunderstorm construction kit is made of recordings of 4 different thunderstorms, I was lucky enough to catch over the years.
Some of the additional thunders were mixed and edited with other rumbling stuff to get a little more out of the recordings and make a functional kit. The background loop consists of a single recording with a little bit of editing and EQ.

You get:
A loopable background thunderstorm track (>4 minutes).
10 additional thunders to add on top.

Technical Details

Number of Audio tracks: 11
Sample rate \ bit rate: 44,1 kHz / 16 bit, 2 Ch Stereo WAVs
Metadata included: Yes
Does music\audio loop: Some
How many minutes of audio provided: 5:30 Minutes
Size: 100 MB



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