The Universal Katana Project

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Create a great variety of katanas using different models and procedural textures.

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The purpose of the Universal Katana Project is to provide a smart asset that provides as many customization options
as possible. This should empower anyone to create all sorts of different katanas with ease. My goal is for everyone
to choose the UKP for any katana needs, being sure that whatever creation they design, will likely have no equal!
In order to accomplish this, UKP provides models for katanas, wakizashis and racks. This also includes LODs. Currently
aimed at first person perspective games, lower LODs can be also used for third person ones. Heavily parametrized
Substance files allow you to texture your katana/wakizashi/rack with ease. Use the free Substance Player or include in
your UE4 project the Substance plugin and customize the asset in runtime. Each model uses a single material to
allow lower cost rendering. Material id mask files are provided to allow use in Substance Painter or alike, to further
customize with art/materials not included with the supplied files. Additional Japanese art is also in the pack.
Optimized to have as low polygon count as possible and retaining quality at the same time. Future updates will bring
more content to the project and improve existing one if necessary.

Technical Details

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Texture Size: Supplied example uses 1024x1024, but different resolutions may be generated using Substance Player/Plugin
Collision: No
Vertex Count:
Katana1: 4572 tris
Katana2: 2652 tris
Katana3: 2652 tris
Katana1LOD1: 2270 tris
Katana2LOD1: 1566 tris
Katana3LOD1: 1566 tris
Wakizashi1: 4236 tris
Wakizashi2: 2316 tris
Wakizashi3: 2316 tris
Saya: 900 tris
SayaSageo: 4168 tris
SayaWakizashi: 824 tris
SayaWakizashiSageo: 4096 tris
Rack1: 1660 tris
LODs: Yes, LOD1 (only for katanas: 50% for katana1 and 60% for katana2 and katana3)
Number of Meshes: 14 static meshes including 3 LODs
Number of Materials and Material Instances: Supplied example uses 14 materials, but they can and should be procedurally generated
Number of Textures: Supplied examples uses 49 textures, but they can and should be procedurally generated
Engine Compatibility: 4.15
Intended Platform: Windows, Android, SteamVR
Platforms Tested: Windows, Android, SteamVR
Documentation Included: Yes, please check the YouTube channel
Important\Additional Notes:
- Differences between Katana1/Wakizashi1, Katana2/Wakizashi2 and Katana3/Wakizashi3 are only on the tsubas (hand guard). Future additions will
include more models with more tsubas, other katana parts as also new rack designs.
- Differences between Saya and SayaSageo for both the katana and wakizashi lenghts are the absence/presence of the sageo (cord). If wore, the sageo
is used along the belt, reason for which the additional model is provided.
- These assets make use of Allegorithmic's Substance technology, either as a runtime UE4 plugin or offline using the FREE Substance Player



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