The Magical Empire

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The Magical Empire is a fantasy music pack, with base and layer tracks, and separately endings.

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All the files are 44.1 kHz and 16 bit.
Audio tracks: 9
Audio Cues: 26
Some files has „base” and „layer” versions. The layer add more instruments for the track, that you could increase the tension during the gameplay. The following tracks have layer version:
- Boss_Master_Base
- Heroic_Fight_Master_Base
- Sinister_Master_Base
(In this case, the „master” word means, just the audio mastering.) If you want to increase the stress, you should add the appropriate layer file to the „base” file. (For example Boss Master Base to the Boss Master Layer.)
Every single track is loopable, and has separately ending, except the Win and the Death. The separately engind helps you close the scene, whenever necessary.
This pack includes two version of drum loops. The emotional and the travel songs belong to the emotional and traveling scenes.
The whole versions includes the layer, the base and the ending files.

Technical Details

All the files are 44.1 kHz and 16 bit.
Audio tracks: 9
Audio Cues: 26
Boss_Master_Base: 01:21
Boss_Master_Layer: 01:21
Boss_Master_Ending: 00:09
Boss_Master_Whole: 1:30

Death_Master: 00:11
Win_Master: 00:11

Emotional_Master_Loop: 03:23
Emotional_Master_Whole: 03:33
Emotional_Master_Ending: 00:10

Heroic_Fight_Base: 01:11
Heroic_Fight_Layer: 01:11
Heroic_Fight_Ending: 00:10
Heroic_Fight_Whole: 01:21

Onlydrum01_Master_Loop: 01:11
Onlydrum01_Master_Whole: 01:19
Onlydrum01_Master_Ending: 00:08

Onlydrum02_Master_Loop: 00:55
Onlydrum02_Master_Ending: 00:04
Onlydrum02_Master_Whole: 01:00

Sinister_Master_Base: 00:57
Sinister_Master_Ending: 00:06
Sinister_Master_Layer: 00:57
Sinister_Master_Whole: 01:04

Travel_Master_Ending: 00:07
Travel_Master_Loop: 01:41
Travel_Master_Whole: 01:48

Total time: 12:01
Intended Platforms: All



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