The Great War: Cannons

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This pack includes two unique allied cannons who wreaked havoc over their targets throughout the early twentieth century.

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The larger of the two, the BL 9.2 inch Heavy Siege Howitzer, is a monstrous cannon which can fire its 130 kg (190 lb) shell over 12 km (13935 yd). An earth box sits at the front of the gun to counteract the enormous recoil produced when firing which can be toggled on and off to the user’s desire. The cannon is controlled using the A and D keys for Yaw and W and D keys for pitch. These movements are realistically presented with synchronized crank and gear movements. After firing using the right mouse button, the gun can be reset using the R key, which begins a realistic loading sequence for the enormous 9.2 inch shell.

The smaller of the two is the 18 Pounder cannon. Like its Howitzer counterpart this gun can yaw and pitch using the the WASD controls as well as fire and reload accurately. This light artillery was moved by horse drawn carriages in great numbers to rain fire down upon the battlefield. The carriage for this horse drawn maneuver is included in this pack for extra usability. All of these actions in this pack are clearly laid out in our Blueprints, which can be altered to your specific needs and gameplay type.

These cannons were built alongside our other product, The Great War: Weapons Pack, which facilitates machine gun, rifle, and melee combat.

Technical Details

The Great War - Cannons Pack

Built using UE4 4.20.2

This pack contains:

(1x) Howitzer Cannon

(1x) 18 Pounder Cannon

(9x) Ammunition Piles

(1x) Ammunition Crate

(1x) 18 Pounder Carriage

1 Map (for product demo)

2 Actor Blueprints (cannons)

7 Master Materials

30 Meshes (comprising the two cannons plus additional meshes for ammunition and carriage)

5 Animations (3 skeletons)

29 Textures


Main (albedo, metallic, normal,roughness, ao) 4096

Earth Box (albedo, metallic, normal,roughness, ao) 4096

Details (albedo, metallic, normal,roughness, ao) 2048

18 Pounder

Body(albedo, metallic, normal,roughness, ao) 4096

Limber (albedo, normal,roughness) 4096

Details (albedo, metallic, normal,roughness, ao) 4096

Ammo Crate (albedo, normal, roughness) 4096

1 Cinematic Sequence

Vertex Counts:

Howitzer: 251,431

18 Pounder: 41,781

Carriage: 40,989

Ammo Crate: 3658

Ammo Piles: between 72,352 and 2,230 (average is 12,747)

LODs: No

*Pack does not contain audio or particle effects*



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