Texture Constructor

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Blueprint suitable for construction of texture by using pre-baked masks and tiles and then saving output on hard drive.

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Preview on Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3uwNgbAtRE

Documentation : https://pbr3dmodels.com/simple-texture-constructor-user-reference/

Support e-mail : max.klaymen@gmail.com

This Blueprint was developed for texture construction of an asset inside Unreal Editor and adds an ability for customizing and tweaking materials with user pre-baked Normal map and a pack of masks for Edges, Damage, and Dirt.

It will suits perfectly if you need to paint a lot of similar assets, make a texture prototype or add stylish look to third-party objects which added to your existing model.

Technical Details


  • customize a wide variety of parameters and mix texture tiles and colors for Albedo, Roughness, Normal, and Metalness
  • use pre-baked masks for tweaking Edges, Damage, and Dirt;
  • use 2nd material (marked as ID2) for further customization;
  • customize underlay material;
  • save outputs on hard drive (in HDR 32-bit).

Please notice:

  • This Blueprint doesn't make texture masks for edges or damage! It allows you to tweak already baked textures and save output on hard drive!
  • This Blueprint uses Render Targets only for preview and their rendering in viewport differs from that saved into HDR on hard drive.
  • Please note, that to bake normal maps properly, their compression should be set up as HDRCompressed. This is need only while you construct material and for correct normal baking.

Material using Surface/Opaque shading model.

Developed for PBR Metalness workflow.

No code or plugin required.

Number of Blueprints: 1

Number of Meshes: 2

Vertex Count: 1026

Number of Textures: 24

- 6 painting tiles (512px)

- 14 source textures for test meshes (7x1K and 7x2k)

- 4 textures baked with the Blueprint and imported back to Engine (1K)

Number of Master Materials: 3

Additional: 4 Render Targets (used for preview)



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