Text To Lip Sync

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Subtitles-based lip sync

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It's a real-time subtitles-based lip sync, i.e. it requires subtitles to create animation. The plugin is using provided text subtitles to generate lips sync animation for characters in real-time. Audio envelope value from the synchronously activated audio component allows to detect silent intervals and to pause animation in this intervals and adjust future animation speed. Subtitles + Sound Asset = LipSync.

Demo video

Tutorial video

Important Notes.

  1. The plugin requres new experimental audio engine (need to be enabled in the engine's config file, details here).
  2. Only supports animation based on morph targets (blend spaces), but support of animation curves is planned in the future.

>>> Please try executable demo (link below) to weigh quality of an animation before you buy the plugin! <<<

Support (forums)

Technical Details


  • easy setup & use
  • using audio envelope value to detect pauses
  • using pauses in audio for real-time animation adjustments (this allow to play quite long audio sequence using a single subtitle line)
  • subtitles can be separated to blocks with in-out time marks to get better result
  • information gathered from audio can be saved to file to improve future animations
  • can automatically load map of phrases from data table
  • sources included

Code Modules:

  •  Text2LipSync (Runtime) 

Number of Blueprints: 0

Number of C++ Classes: 4 (1 actor component exposed to blueprints)

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows x64

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows x64

Documentation: pdf

Example Project: zip

Executable Demo (try before you buy): zip

Additional Notes: Please contact me if you need it for educational purposes



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