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Create a new project with different systems like interface (gamepad/keyboard/mouse support), localization, input flow, ...

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Template project allow to create a new project with different systems : interface system (gamepad/keyboard/mouse support), game settings system, localization system, input flow system, travel system.

All systems are made in blueprint and can be changed easily.

Technical Details

Interface system

This sytem allows to simplify the connect between the player controller and the interface. He is composed with 3 modes and each mode has multiple classes. They are useful to create new widgets and new components. The interface system support the mouse, the keyboard and the gamepad. The gamepad has two modes : focus mode (same as keyboard) and target mode (move the mouse with an analog).

Game settings system

This system allows to simplify the creation of a game setting. Only a data table and somes variables need to be used. Game settings system is useful for creating an options menu.

Localization system

This system uses different data table depending on the text of the component to be translated. The localization system can be accessed everywhere with the manager. English is the native language and only French has been added for now.

Input flow system

This system has 3 different modes : interface mode, game mode and block input mode. The interface mode uses 2 maps, one for the keyboard and the other one for the gamepad. They can be set as you will. The game mode contains different modules to connect the player controller and the main character. The game mode uses the action/axis mapping and can be modified in game.

Travel system

This system allows to load and unload levels (and sublevels) with a loading map. Levels can be loaded without a loading map if they are tiny.

More informations

Gamepad tested : Xbox 360

Solo : Yes

Multiplayer : not tested

Platforms tested : Windows



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