Taiku Mecha Movement

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This is a 100% Blueprint project that recreates the movement systems found in your favorite mecha titles of yesteryear. Realize your vision and bring your dream mecha game to life using this project as a base!

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Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE8kFovMD_8

Grab your Mecha frame and dive into the fight with this Mecha Movement pack to help boost you into the world of creating your own Mecha game based on Mecha titles of yesteryear!

- Three movement modes faithful to classic Mecha video-games! - Non-combat, Combat and CQC mode.
- Based heavily on faithfully recreating authentic mecha movement from classic Mecha video-games
- Basic targeting system
- IK feet
- Programmer Art
- Easy to customize
- Fully commented Blueprints
- Radar system just like old mecha games!
- Great base to create a game inspired by your favorite mecha series!

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: 7 Blueprints
List of Features:
- IK Feet
- CQC Camera
- Targeting System
- Enemy / Objective Radar System
- Plug 'n Play
- Every node commented
- Easily extend into your own project
Engine Compatibility: 4.13
Intended Platform: Any Platform
Platforms Tested: Windows
Documentation Included: No (All Blueprints Nodes Commented)



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