T-Pose Zombie 2

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50 custom mocap 60fps animations on Unreal skeleton; mesh, textures, LODs and material instances.

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Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hrLSgKS1oI

The second of a series of game-ready Zombies made using AAA best practices. This content package includes 50 custom motion captured animations on the Unreal skeleton; a primary skinned mesh with high-res diffuse, subsurface, normal and specular maps; LODs; a morph target to open and close the jaw. A separate shirt, hair and intestines meshes to control the level of gore and creation variation. 8-way directional movement animations with and without root motion. Max poly-count is 10,769 triangles with materials for body/intestines, hair and shirt.

Technical Details

Motion captured animations of locomotion , attacks, hits, emerge from grave, knock back/left/right, turns, hitting 41 animations.

- 9 root motion animations
- 50 animations total

Intended Platform: All Platforms



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