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Computer Voice Feedback

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Computer Voice feedback processed using a vocoder. Contains seven unique sounding computers/robots. Each robot says the same 52-53 responses.

Technical Details

316 Audio Files
316 Sound Cues

Audio wave files recorded at Bit Rate: 16-bit, Sample Rate: 44.1kHz, PCM

List of Responses:
Energy Field Strength Increasing
Energy reserve reaching critical stage
Enter authorization code
Executing command functions
In coming transmission
Incomplete information
Initiating update
Input Received
Input algorithm not accepted
Insufficient Data
Interface Complete
Life support terminated
Link Cancelled
Linkage Complete
Now Establishing Data link
Online Assistance Activated
Override Authority Restricted
Personal logs are restricted
Please Do Not Address This Unit
Please Input Command Codes
Please Repeat Request
Please Restate Question
Please Restate a Single Question
Please specify how you would like to proceed
Please, confirm de-activation request
Priority Clearance Alpha One
Priority Message from security officer
Priority One Distress Signal
Program Loaded and Ready
Provide Requested Data
Re-establishing link
Reload Circuits are initializing
Repeat Command
Running simulation
Searching system data bank
Security Clearance Required
Security Level 3 Is Required
Security authorization accepted
Specify Geographical Regions
Specify Search Parameters
Standard Procedure Requires termination of all simulations
System within normal parameters
That Has Not Been Programmed
That Info Is Not Available
That Program is Already in Use
That Program is not available
The Automatic Pilot is Not Functional
The Program Has Been Reinitiated
The logs have been deleted
Unable to Comply
Unknown variable

Intended Platform: Windows, OSX, iOS



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