Sword and Shield First Person Animation Set

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A set of 35 sword and shield first-person melee animations.

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This is a set of 35 hand-crafted (not motion capture) first person sword and shield animations.

  • Uses the UE4 Mannequin rig and arms model from the UE4 First Person template
  • Includes a basic player controller based on the UE4 First Person template
  • Full Animation Blueprint included
  • Attacks are available in single-animation form as well as split into Charge, Hold, and Release divisions to allow for charge attacks
  • The AnimBP is set up to allow certain attacks to string together seamlessly
  • Placeholder sword and shield meshes are included
  • Source FBX files are located in the SourceFiles folder

Please note that these animations are for first-person use only. The animations are staged to look best from a specific first-person camera angle, meaning things that happen off-screen may not look natural!

Animation List:

  • Unsheathe
  • Sheathe
  • Idle
  • IdleUnarmedPose (Single-frame pose that keeps the arms and equipment off screen)
  • Walk
  • Sprint
  • JumpStart
  • JumpLoop
  • JumpEnd
  • AttackLeft
  • AttackLeftCharge
  • AttackLeftHold
  • AttackLeftRelease
  • AttackRight
  • AttackRightCharge
  • AttackRightHold
  • AttackRightRelease
  • AttackDown
  • AttackDownCharge
  • AttackDownHold
  • AttackDownRelease
  • AttackStab
  • AttackStabCharge
  • AttackStabHold
  • AttackStabRelease
  • BlockStart
  • BlockIdle
  • BlockEnd
  • BlockWalk
  • BlockSprint
  • BlockJumpStart
  • BlockJumpLoop
  • BlockJumpEnd
  • BlockImpact
  • ShieldBash

Technical Details


  • 35 first person sword and shield melee animations
  • Basic player controller
  • Animation Blueprint

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes

Animated: Yes

Number of Animations: 35

Animation types: In-Place

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

Documentation: N/A

Important/Additional Notes:

  • The sword attaches to the SwordSocket on the ik_hand_gun joint, and the shield attaches to the ShieldSocket on the ik_hand_l joint.
  • The default socket positions assume the origins of your sword and shield models are at the center of their handles. If this isn't true for your meshes, the sockets' Relative Location can be adjusted.
  • If you're building your own player controller, the first person arms mesh should be parented to the camera and should be offset -165 below the camera on the Z-axis.



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