Swimming Pool Essential Pack

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Basics Objetcts to create a complete swimming pool environment. They are the essentials objects of the swimmingpooolworld package

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SwimmingPoolEssential is a reduced package of the SwimmingPoolWorldpack pack.

This pack does not contain the following props:

- 30 pool models are not included.

- Modular cables and modular pipes are not included.

- Loose pieces of the objects are not included.

- Textures are not included to modify the borders. 3 textures are included, there are 25 in the world pack.

- There are 3 high quality textures in this pack, in the world pack there are 10.

- One electric panel is included, there are 5 in the world pack.

SwimmingPoolEssential is a pack that should not be missing in archViz projects or all kinds of outdoor games. The textures of the included pool models cover any classic, old or modern need thanks to the configuration of the main material.

Many variations of the water material are included in the form of instances to rapidly change from one example to another, also for the floats and games.

The Grunge option is included in all objects for your personalization of the objects and you can change the tone, saturation the roughness and the amount of the metal and normal map too.


Technical Details


  • Swimming pool accesories: 39 
  • Swimming pool models: 3 and variations, total meshes: 21
  • Swimming pool stairs: 8
  •  Number of Textures objects: 79
  •  Number of Textures for menu example: 29
  • Levels examples: 1
  • Blueprints Assets:2
  • Example menú included

Texture Sizes: 256x256 to 4096x4096

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Collision: automatically generated and per-poly

Vertex Count: 12 to 16.974

LODs: 3 to 5 lods.

Number of Meshes:69

Number of Materials 8

Material Instances: 77

Supported Development Platforms: Windows Test

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows Test

Documentation: no

Support: Studiodevis3d@gmail.com



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