Survival Items Pack

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Here are some high-quality various items, which could be useful while post-apocalypse times (zombies, viruses, war, etc.).

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The pack contains about 50 accurately made props with detalization aimed for First-Person game, can be used as weapons or quest objects. Items will perfectly fit for survival, action, horror ganre games. Some items are ready for animation, have components which can be animated (like folding knife, compass, bucket, lock, wrench, radio, lighter, matches box, table, etc.).

Update v.1.2 Changelog:

  • Added hand made collisions
  • All textures have proper naming
  • Materials have RGB masks (AO, Roughness, Metalness)

Technical Details

Texture Size: Varied (up to 2048)

Collision: Yes (Hand-made)

Vertex Count: Varied (from 84 to 5000 triangles)

LODs: Yes (2-4 per model)

Number of Meshes: 50

Number of Materials: 11

Number of Materials Instances: 46

Number of Textures: 134



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