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Material Function library that uses the 'Superformula' to draw interesting shapes.

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Johan Gielis came up with the 'Superformula' which is an extension of the circle formula (x^2 +y^2 = r^2) to represent many complex shapes and curves that are found in nature. I've converted this formula to run in a material shader and provide examples on how to use it with the linked sample project.

It can be used for so many things and is fun to use. If you're a programmer without an artist or external software, the supplied material functions can help you quickly create buttons or logos. If you're a artist it can be a great tool to make your textures and materials come to life, as everything can be dynamic at runtime.

Technical Details


  • SuperShapeMesh (experimental) - builds a mesh cutout using the same settings as the material to avoid the need for opacity channel.

Material Functions:

  •  DrawCircleSquare - draws a circle, a square, or anything in-between.
  •  DrawPolygon - draws a polygon with n-sides.
  •  RotateUVPoint - takes a UV coord and rotates it around a point. (useful for wheel bolts)
  • Supershapes - the full formula with every parameter draws line thickness, blur, and fill

Platform Performance: it can get a little heavy on the complexity, but you could also bake out the materials to textures if they don't need to be dynamic.

Documentation and Example Project:

Live Support or Questions:



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