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Super Grid is a pack of materials and modular meshes designed to make level prototyping faster and easier!

  • Supported Target Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions


Downloadable Demo:

• New SuperGrid Master BP - allows to change materials of all SuperGrid meshes on the level simultaneously
• New SuperGrid Group BP - allows to assign single material to group of SuperGrid meshes and manipulate them
• New Stairs BP- basic dynamic stairs implementation tht utilizes SuperGrid material features [Extended in next update]
• New SuperGrid Wall BP - create SuperGrid walls by drawing spline
• New Material: Painted Panels
• New Material: Holographic Refractions
• New Material: Metal Hexagons
• New Changelog UI BP in Lobby - Stay on grid!
• New Mesh & Texture: Ramp - create walkable slopes

Bugfixes & updates:
• Improved and refactored Character blueprint
• Platform BP has been updated with new functionality
• Smooth crouch animation for Character blueprint [Press CTRL to enjoy!]
• Chamber 1.0.2 has been finished
• Chamber 1.1 has been added
• Lobby has been improved with new icons, portals and UI
• Fixed Broken LUTs
• Fixed incorrect UV scaling on Stairs mesh
• Fixed various errors in logs[Deprecated nodes, Lighting issues and etc]
• Fixed a collision issue with Stairs and Plane meshes
• Various Bugfixes

Technical Details

Number of meshes: 32 static meshes
Number of materials: More than 100 materials
Number of soundeffects: 20 sound effects
Number of textures: More than 30 textures
Texture size: From 512 to 2048
Average amount of polygons: Less than 100 (Several meshes has ~500)



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