Simplistic Low Poly Seasonal Forest Pack

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This is a stylized low poly asset pack. It contains a variety of trees, rocks and other assets that your game needs. The pack contains over 100 assets. Its simple but sometimes simplicity is the true beauty of life.

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This Simplistic Low Poly Seasonal Forest Pack contains:

* 30 trees
* 14 Rocks
* 14 Cliffs
* 10 Bushes
* 12 fences
* 5 campfires
* 11 Logs/Trunks
* 10 grass types.
* and more...

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity and buy this asset pack. We guarantee that you won’t regret it. Sometimes you can pass by an amazing opportunity and later regret it. Don’t regret not buying our asset pack. Buy it now just for $9.99!

Technical Details

Number of assets: 114 static meshes + 15 textures + 15 materials.
Texture Resolutions: 1280 x 720
Includes Collisions
Average triangle count: 400
Platforms tested: Windows , Mac



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