Stylized Great Desert Materials

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8 HQ PBR stylized desert materials

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A set of advanced quality for a more interesting filling of your levels.

- Cracked Cliff -Eroded Cliff - Wet dirt- Sand - Bed Rock - Stones - Pebbles - Dead-sand (beach sand) 

All textures are seamlessly tillable horizontally and vertically. 2048x2048 

(BaseColor, Normal, Height, Roughness, AO)

More then 40 textures in total.

All materials are created form the scratch.

Technical Details

  • camera based Tessellation
  •  2048x2048
  •  PNG
  • Number of Materials: 9
  • Materials contain: Base Color/Diffuse, Ambient Occlusion, Normal, Height and Roughness maps.
  • Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variation: Yes
  • The textures can be used for mobile, they are looking well only with Base color and Normal map.



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