Stylized Action Adventure Female + Customization

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A stylized female character with a functional customization system, directly compatible with the Epic Skeleton, with outfit options and accessories. #Female #Stylized #Character #Battle #Royale #Third Person #Customization

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This female character comes with modular elements (base body, skintight bodysuit, two outfits), hair styles, and accessories. Functional customization screen example included ! Compatible with the Epic skeleton (right click > Skeleton > Assign Skeleton).

Video presentation :

ON ENGINE VERSIONS : Skeletal meshes are not tied to engine versions, hence this model will always be compatible with the latest version of the engine without the need for it to be marked as 4.XX compatible (at the exception of example blueprints if included). I regularly check compatibility with recent engine versions anyways, but if this asset is not marked as "compatible with 4.XX" you can still download it as a previous version and migrate it, or edit the engine association in the .uproject.

SETUP INSTRUCTIONS : For the UI to be functional the default map and input bindings need to be setup as shown :

MERGING MALE AND FEMALE BUNDLES : The Male, Female, and Male+Female asset bundles all use the same folder name for consistency : "Action_Male_and_Female". If you import both using the Marketplace Launcher you will get an error. Instead import the two bundles into two separate blank projects, and then copy/paste the files and data tables you need using Explorer. Then add a the extra gender in the DT_Genders data Table to make it show up in the customization UI.

Technical Details


The 4.20+ version comes with a functional character customization screen example.


  •  Body segmentation and modular outfits offering a wide spectrum of possible combinations
  •  Hair options
  •  Colorizable skin tone
  • Fully functional character customization system !

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Rigged: Yes

Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes

Animated: Yes : comes with a duplicate of the ThirdPerson demo Animations + a custom feminine idle variant + an optional run.

Number of characters: 1, Fully Customizable

Vertex counts of characters: Body + Head = 6874 + 4768 Tris

Texture Resolutions: Most Items 2048*2048

Number of Animations: 17

Supported Development Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux

Supported Target Build Platforms: All

Documentation: See notes placed in the demo map and the level Blueprint



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