Storage Room

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Quantity of detailed objects of all kinds that can be found in a storage room, garage or even in a mechanical workshop. Designed to decorate, fill and create varied environments.

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In the storage room you can find fire extinguishers, balloons, paint pots, detergents, oils, all kinds of mechanical parts, drawing tools, cardboard boxes, magazines, filing cabinets, pieces of a bed, stacked fences, pipes, electric cables, broken or functional monitors, parts of a PC, ceramic tiles, step gyms, lamps, gas bottles, cutters,pens, sharpener, markers, welders, stapler, setools, shelving, stairs metal, wheels, umbrella stands, etc.

All the pieces are in high quality to take care of the maximum possible detail and the optimization of the whole package is the key for anything. Designed to decorate, fill and create varied environments.

All objects have an option called grunge, that serves to modify its appearance of age, dirt, etc. There is the option to personalize the color, saturation and contrast of all materials.

This package is of part of the complete package Marmudella House Mega Pack V.3. All the objects are extracted from the mega package.

It includes basic modular cables and modular tubes.

A basic modular file is included to build a room and a basic corridor.



Technical Details


  • Number of complete objects: 129
  • +11 Merged objects
  • + 23 modular cables and pipes objects
  • +27 ArchViz
  • Number of Decals: 2
  • Blueprints Assets: 3
  • Menú game play Examples: 1


  • Number of Textures objects: 178
  • Number of Textures menu presentation: 29
  • Number of Textures Others: 15

Texture Sizes: 256X256 to 4096X4096

Scaled to Epic skeleton: yes

Collision: yes, automatically generated and per-poly

Vertex Count: 2 to 25.720 Triangles.

LODs: yes, 0 to 4 lods. (Most have lods. The objects that do not have because it is not necessary, like a wall.)

Number of Meshes: 188

Number of Materials: 7

Number of instances: 137

Supported Development Platforms: Windows test

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows test

Documentation: No




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