Steam Inventory Service Plugin

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Steam Inventory Service Plugin

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Fully integrated Steam Inventory Service except for trading, promotion. It comes with SteamItem Converter which generates item definitions in json.

Demo :

Technical Details

Features: (

  • All these functions are exposed on blueprint.
  • ConsumeItem : Consumes items from a user's inventory. If the quantity of the given item goes to zero, it is permanently removed.
  • ExchangeItem : Grant one item in exchange for a set of other items.
  • GenerateItem : Grants specific items to the current user.
  • GetAllItems : Start retrieving all items in the current users inventory.
  • GetItemDefinitionIDs : Returns the set of all item definition IDs which are defined in the App Admin panel of the Steamworks website.
  • GetItemDefinitionProperty : Gets a string property from the specified item definition.
  • GrantPromoItems : Grant all potential one-time promotional items to the current user.
  • LoadItemDefinitions : Triggers an asynchronous load and refresh of item definitions.
  • TransferItemQuantity : Transfer items between stacks within a user's inventory.
  • TriggerItemDrop : Trigger an item drop if the user has played a long enough period of time.

Code Modules:

  • OnlineSubsystem
  • OnlineSubsystemSteam
  • OnlineSubsystemUtils

Number of C++ Classes: 11

Supported Development Platforms: Window, Mac

Supported Target Build Platforms: Window, Mac

Documentation: SteamInventoryPlugin_Manual.pdf was included in plugin folder.

Example Project:

Important/Additional Notes:

In order to use steam inventory service with your own items, you have to own steam app id. You may test it in Spacewar(480) with limited features.



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