Stasis: Calm Puzzle Music

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Calm, relaxing music for puzzle, simulation, exploration games with looping capabilities.

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Gambit Audio presents Stasis: Calm Puzzle Music. Are you creating a game full of ostentatious jump scares? Bloody and needless gore? A disconcerting amount of pillaging, thievery and all sort of non-peaceful activities? Then this package is definitely not for you. Stasis was created with a more peaceful, relaxing game in mind. Think of tranquil puzzle games, pastoral first person exploration games (with a minimal amount of threats), or say… truck simulation games! The 10 tracks included aren’t bombastic or epic (heavens forbid), these aren’t supposed to grab the listener’s attention, they succeed when they do the very opposite. Instead, these tracks are soothing, almost meditative with warm synths, lush drones and delicate drum beats to placate the most bloodthirsty of gamers. All 10 tracks come in a looping and one-shot format, allowing the user to use them as they need. But don’t let my hyperbolic description cloud your judgement, take a listen to 5 of the tracks on Soundcloud.

Technical Details

Number of Audio tracks: 10 Looping and 10 One-Shot
Sample rate \ bit depth: 44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo WAVs
Does music\audio loop: Yes and No
How many minutes of audio provided: 43:22 Total 21:57 One-Shot, 21:25 Looping
Platforms Tested: Windows & Mac OS
Documentation Included: Yes
Intended Platform: Windows & Mac OS



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