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Landscape Materials Generator, sbsar

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These materials vary in appearance by changing a few option.

There are three flexible materials: Grass, Dry-Mud soil, and Rock.

You can adjust the random shape, the degree of each element. The color can also be changed.

Changeable element

Grass : Area of ​​grass, age of grass, frequency of stone, Area of ​​moss, random seed, output size

Dry-Mud soil : Dryness of soil, color of soil, random seed, output size

Rock : Color of rock, area of ​​grass, color of grass, area of ​​moss or snow, random seed, output size

You can create various textures with a few simple options.

The details are contained in the link of YouTube below:


Technical Details


 PBR Materials


 Changeable resolution textures(32X32 ~ 4096X4096)

Texture Resolutions:

 All Textures 4096X4096

Number of Materials

 2 master materials (m_base, m_landscape), 3 function materials, and 7 material instances.

Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variation: (Yes)

Number of Textures

18 Textures (Base color, Normal, AORMH (Ambient Occlusion, Roughness, Metallic, and Height))

3 Sbsar and substance player installation for mobile developers.

If you install substance player, you can open the Sbsar file to create the texture.


Important/Additional Notes

This pack requires the Substance plugin. 

If you want to get faster production times and better quality results, I recommend setting it as follows.

GPU render(for the substance plugin) in the Project settings > substance.

Supported Development Platforms: (Windows, Mac, Oculus, Linux)

Supported Target Build Platforms: (Windows, Mac, Oculus, Linux)

Update history

1.0.1 Available 4.19

1.1.0 Improved quality and calculation time.

1.1.1 Add 3 sbsar and substance player installation for mobile developers.

1.1.2 Add Landscape material for mobile(ES 3.1)

1.1.3 Available 4.20



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