Stained Glass Windows Pack

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Quickly and easily cover wall surfaces with these modular customizable windows for a convincing look and feel.

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Simply change the values of three parameters to mix-and-match through 40 complimentary PNGs of window frames and glass designs to create a large variety of original windows to suit any scene. Apply your designs to a plane mesh and overlay them against your wall surfaces. Quick, easy and hassle-free. The standard PBR Material Instance includes parameters for glass colour customization, glass emissive and window frame brightness for a deceptively impressive integration of windows and architecture

Technical Details


· 16 Glass Designs: They are unique vertical panel designs that complement each other through seamless joins.

· 6 Window Frames: Oval, square and triangular. (in both narrow and wide shapes).

· 4 Brick Textures for each Window Frame. From dark to light, slate, sandstone, limestone, marble.

· Customize Windows: via the Material Instance choose which window shape, which brick and which glass designs to combine from the numerous possible combinations.

· Customize Glass Colours: Each PNG glass design is comprised of the three primary colours (red/green/blue). You can replace either of these three default colours with colours of your own choice via the Material Instance..

· Modular: Vertically align the windows on top of each other by using the square windows as the bases. 2) Horizontally align side by side 3) Align horizontally plus vertically for endless variety.

Textures: 80 PNGSs in total

Sizes: 512x512 and 1024x1024


Number of Meshes: 1 (plane mesh)

4 Master Materials

4 Material Instances

Intended Platforms: All

Documentation Link: A short comprehensive 'How-to Guide' PDF



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