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SplitScreen Template with 4 character classes, 2 weapon classes & AI. Utilizing the Animation Starter Pack for the Characters.

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Simple & easy to use & understand with plenty of comment boxes to explain the nodes & their use. The only real complicated Blueprints is the Character, Weapons, & AnimBP's, which I've constructed in a neat & orderly fashion for ease of understanding. This template will give the user a good understanding of how to construct an animation Blueprint using the Animation Starter Pack. AI have been added to give the players the option of Team Match play where they can hunt down the AI OR just as an additional obstacle in a Death Match scenario. Head, Body & Leg shots are now added to the characters, head shots will cause the most damage. Ragdoll has been added on death as well, enjoy. Additionally I want to stress that this is NOT just a buy and forget template, buyers can contact me at anytime, I WILL be here to provide information & help asap.

Technical Details


  • PressToStart widget which is a simple start screen
  • MainMenu widget is where all of the settings of the game are set then saved & passed on to the SST_GameMode when a game map is loaded
  • SST_GameMode is very basic, it gets settings then spawns characters into the map as well as spawns AI if the players choose to have AI in game
  • UserSettings_SaveGame & UserSettings_Struct to hold & save the users settings (Very Simple)
  • Controls widget that lets users know what keys to press on keyboard & what buttons to press on game-pad
  • HowThisWorks widget guiding you through the inner workings of the game
  • 4 character classes (Medic-Health, Support-Ammo, Engineer-Armor & Recon-SniperCamo)
  • 2 weapon classes (Assault, Shotgun) Each with, Lazer Sight/Flash Light & changeable fire mode (Auto, Semi, Single)
  • Characters can, change weapons, aim weapon, reload weapon, sprint, jump, crouch, prone (lay down) due to incorporating the Animation Starter Pack (So, a good demonstration of how to use the Animation Starter Pack)
  • Deploy Pickups works with the type of character class user has chosen. Health for medic etc
  • Players can personalize the character they are playing by adding a name of their choice which will show in the Hud

Number of Blueprints: 32

Input: Game-pad, Keyboard & Mouse

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

Documentation: A HowThisWorks widget that gives an overview of how it works

Important/Additional Notes: No C++, Can be packaged/cooked, Contact me for help anytime.



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