Spline Twist Correct

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Function library to remove twisting from splines and spline mesh components.

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Splines can sometimes have unintentional twisting between spline points. The control points may have the correct rotation, but the default spline can twist leaving a spline mesh that looks like its tied in a knot. This is especially true when the up vector at a spline point rotates more than 90 degrees.

This plugin has several functions which aid in building a new spline that will result in a smooth untwisted spline from a user generated spline. Please download the Sample Project in the link below to understand how all these functions go together.

Technical Details

Components: (NEW!)

  • Spline With MeshCombines a spline component with a series of spline meshes and commonly used parameters


  • Calculate Spline Sub LengthSubdivides a spline with an ideal length. Number of subdivisions will be an integer.
  • Calculate Start endProvides start and end to a spline mesh with tangents.
  • Calc Rot from Up VectorCalculates the roll of a spline mesh from the last Up Vector.
  • Configure Spline MeshSets commonly used parameters of a spline mesh.
  • Build Offset SplineBuilds a new spline that is offset from a user generated spline.
  • Fix Tangents of Offset SplineTangents of an offset spline need to be corrected because the new spline is a different length.
  • Build Corrected SplineBuilds a final spline that can be used for spline mesh components.

Includes a default mesh and debug material.

Number of C++ Classes: 2

Supported Development Platforms: all

Supported Target Build Platforms: all, excluding iOS (issue in the iOS toolchain for 4.19 Marketplace build pipeline)

Example Project and Docs: https://github.com/ryangadz/Workshop3_TwistCorrect

Live Support on Discord: https://discord.gg/WDZk9MT



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