SpatialOS Game Development Kit

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SpatialOS for Unreal Engine allows you to host your game and combine multiple dedicated server instances across one seamless game world whilst using the Unreal Engine networking API.


The SpatialOS Game Development Kit (GDK) for Unreal Engine is a managed service for creating, deploying and running multiplayer games.

Combine multiple servers
Combine multiple dedicated servers to create a single, seamless game world. Tap into more computing power than a single server provides to build games with more players, more Actors and more gameplay systems than previously possible.

Persistent by default
All game data is stored in our in-memory database so every object in the world can be fully persistent.

Works with Unreal Engine APIs
The GDK works with Unreal Engine’s networking API and Blueprints so it feels like creating a standard multiplayer game. You can also easily switch between Unreal and SpatialOS networking.

Bring your existing Unreal game
You can easily take your current multiplayer Unreal Engine game and get it working with SpatialOS. Just install our GDK, import your game and follow a few simple steps.

Start small - grow big
SpatialOS works for any game size; for traditional single-server games or something larger. Start small and then later add new features along with your players. Behind the scenes, SpatialOS ensures you have all the compute power your game needs. Evolve your title from arena shooter to battle royale to an open world MMO without having to rewrite the back-end.

Global multi-cloud deployment
SpatialOS has a managed global infrastructure - you don't have to worry about servers, your deploy your game close to players. Deploying your game takes a few commands.

Game server tools
Tools such as distributed logs, visualised metrics and a world Inspector help you debug and understand your deployed game in detail.

Technical Details

Objects in SpatialOS game worlds are entities. They have constituent components (like `Health` and `Position`). The GDK approximates SpatialOS entities to Unreal Actors, so properties and commands within an entity’s component work in the way properties and RPCs do when applied to Actors.

Get Started
Once you have built the Engine and set up the GDK module and Starter Project, you can deploy the game locally in a few steps:
1. In the Editor, on the SpatialOS GDK toolbar, click Launch.
2. Under Multiplayer Options, enter the number of players and check the box for Run Dedicated Server.
3. On the toolbar, click Play to run the game.
Deploy in the cloud by running batch scripts to build the server and client assemblies, and then set up the project with its cloud deployment name.
Platform: Windows 10
Find out more: Blogpost, documentation
Chat to us: Visit the SpatialOS #unreal channel on Discord.
See the GDK on GitHub



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