Spaceships Essential Pack

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Assets contains pack of 5 high quality spaceships which could be used in fly genre game.

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Video demonstration of asset:

Assets contains pack of 5 fully functional and animated spaceship assets. You could put it in flying template and it would looks like in video demonstration. Them also provided with needed FXs and have simple AI for chase player ship. Space environment with planets and asteroids also included in package. 

Ships has color masks for quick changes of primary colors by simply clicking checkboxes in editor.

These assets are optimized and hand tweaked. 

The textures looks amazing and super realistic, tuned for Physically-Based Rendering.

Technical Details


  •  5 fully functional spaceship assets.
  •  Animated
  •  FX's included
  • Sample space environment included

Texture Sizes:

  •  4096*4096 pixels. 
  • Diffuse, normal map, specular, illumination, roughness and metalness maps included for each spaceship.

Collision: Yes, automatically generated

Vertex Count: about 18 000 per spaceship

LODs: No

Number of Meshes: 16

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 58

Number of Textures: 65

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

Documentation: No



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