SpaceShip Complete Template

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Fly dynamically into your virtual world.

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- 100% BP (Single-Player).

- To modify this project you need to have some experience with Blueprints.

- If you want to change the main mesh (ship), pay attention to the weight (InKg) of the object set or there may be problems with the correct physics of the flight system. If the structure of your Mesh is different, delete all the scripts that are there for the opening of the wings.

- The drone that follows the spacecraft is optional, delete it from the map to block all functions. The flight system is totally dynamic with physics. There are 2 flight modes that can be changed during the game. The automatic mode is for a forward flight to a direction easier to use, while the manual one is for doing stunts and flying in the most difficult to reach places. Manual mode is more complex to use (Not active by Default in the Demo Template),

in the realization i was inspired by the game of machines and football (R. L.), it is totally dynamic and will allow more experienced players to reach any place on the map with acrobatic flights. Yes, you can think of this game as an adventure R.L.

For any problem you can contact me on the official Facebook page and I will try to help you in all that is in my possibilities on Unreal with much pleasure.

I never managed to do the Multiplayer, I hope that one day I learn and that I can update this template for multiplayer too.

Best Regards,


DEMO Download (Windows) (117.0 mb):!VeZwVRjK!p83hDNqoLEy1BUDLWM5MKDXdY6a4eIYYmhrdX7Wx7J4


Technical Details

- SpaceShip:

+ Drive system on the ground.

+ Fly system in air.

+ "Swim" system in the water.

+ 2 Fly-Mode System (Automatic/Manual) with NOS System

+ Jump (And Double Jump if you press 2 time fast SPACEBAR)

+ Take a Pickup

- Drone:

+ Follow the player (Don't follow the player if it's in the water)

+ Dialog System

[19] Material + [2] for Water Splash

[8] Blueprints + [1] Gamemode + [1] Struct (for Dialog System)

[12] Sounds + 12 Sounds_CUE + [1] Sound Attenuation

[20] Static Mesh ([1] is optional for testing arena presentation)

[1] Level (Training Arena with all the function)

[1] Widget (for all the info of the game in runtime) + [1] for the Dialog System (Optional)

[2] Particles Effect (For NOS Ship and for Water Splash)

- LOD: 0

- Input: Keyboard, Mouse

- Intended Platform: Desktop

- Platforms Tested: PC

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

Documentation: Coming soon



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