Space Nebula and Starfield V2

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Space Nebula and Starfield V2 - Procedurally generated Universe

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Space Nebula and Starfield V2 - Plugin for UE4

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Video Tutorial and Showcase

Playable Demo (Win64) ✧

✧ [Content] ✧

* Procedurally generated Space Nebula

5 Creation Presets Nebula, Galaxy, Sun, Brain (from 3D-Scan) und atmospheric Cloud

* Starfield

✧ [Features] ✧

Complex and efficient Sampling Algorithm for rendering translucent

Nebulas and Clouds based on pseudo-volumetric Textures

+ Interactive

+ Animated Micro-Structure

+ Lighting and simple God-Ray Creation

+ Versatile Creation System based on procedural Noises

* Density and Color Creation (fully customizable)

* Randomizer - create infinite randomized nebulas (careful, induces randomness)

* Compose-Mode

* Simple Nebula Texture Baking

+ way better Performance Characteristics than the previous Version

Technical Details

✧ [Technical Features] ✧

* Raycasting-Renderer for semi-translucent objects

* Pseudo-volumetric Textures (currently 4k, 8k to come)

* Color-transfer with interactive Color-Lookup

* Optimization by Distancefield and Adaptive Sampling

* Resolution-Buffer

* Speed-modulated 3D-Offset as real-time Micro-Stucture

* Multi-Threading / parallelized GPU Utilization

* procedural and interactive Texture- and Color-Composition

* procedural and scalable Starfield with 3D-Binarytree

* Blueprint queryable Nebula Information (Color, Density, Gradient from Volume)

* Blueprint queryable (clickable) Stars / Star-Position

* customizable Star Motion Blur

Platforms: Win64, Win32

Engine: 4.19+

Official UE4 Forum Presence



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