Space Audio Bundle

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Space Audio Sample is the ultimate audio solution for your space-setting video games.

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PRODUCED BY TAO & SOUND (Custom audio)

Extensive sound demos at Soundcloud:



Arcade Mix

Realistic Mix

If your game is an old style shoot ‘em up where the last stand faces an alien invasion or, on the other hand, it is a realistic intergalactic adventure, this pack will be the perfect audio companion when travelling through hyperspace.

Space Audio Bundle is a very complete solution for any kind of space based games. It contains:

10 original music loops that will suit perfect for several usual space situations.

23 original ambience loops: 11 fx ambient loops and their 12 instrumental ambient versions which offer even more solutions for the musical aspect of your game! Great for outer space, spaceship bridge, hostile planets, citadel, galaxy market…

146 original SFX. Very useful sounds usually needed for “space rpg,” “adventure,” “arcade.” It contains the “event”(triggers), misc, buttons, spaceship fx, weapons...

Technical Details

Number of audio tracks: 179

Number of audio cues: 179

Sample rate\bit rate: 44.1 kHz, 16 bit Stereo WAVs

Does music\audio loops: Yes

How many sound FX: 146 SFX

How many music tracks: 10 loops

How many FX ambience tracks: 23 loops



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