Snowy Mountains Landscape v2.0

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64 Square Kilometers of playable area.

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This landscape is part of "AFFORDABLE LANDSCAPES 1" bundle.

64 Square Kilometers of snowly landscape, taking you right into the middle of a freezing mountain range where you can walk on the lower parts or go high into the mountains. The environment is semi dynamic. You have moving cloud shadows from the sky that affect the fog and create volumetric shadows. Go ahead and give your project an AAA look. On top of that, there's also a static mesh landscape included for you to put around the original landscape and make it feel bigger by having a longer view distance when looking at horizons.

Note: Brightness and/or contrast in Gifs and Videos might vary from the original content due to post processing, generation process, and compression. For more accurate look refer to screenshots.


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Video 01 (Outdated)


• Surface customization through material instance parameters.

• Controllable distance based landscape tessellation.

• Library of custom plug and play functions.

- Global Normal Variation

- Distance Tessellation

- Displacement Fade

- Distance Fade

- Mask Modifier

- Cloud Panner

• 64 Square Kilometers of playable area.

• Fully heightmap based layer blending.

• Dynamic Layered Cloud shadows.

• Paintable landscape layers.

• Two Background meshes.

Technical Details

PBR: Yes

LOD: Yes

Collision: Yes

Documentation: No

Texture size: Up to 8K

[6] Material Instances

[9] Material Functions

[1] Landscape

[5] Materials

[17] Textures

[3] Meshes

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