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Snapplets are template graphs that you 'cut and paste' into your own existing blueprints.

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Snapplets are template graphs that you 'cut and paste' into your own existing blueprints.

After Creating the SnappletLabel template project download: SnapUI_InputMapping.ini & SnapUI_InputMapping.READ.ME.FIRST.ini and place the files into the SnappletLabel\Config\ folder. (SnapUI_InputMapping.READ.ME.FIRST.ini contains a note regarding existing action mappings.

Open SnappletLabel in UE4

Go to Edit->Project Settings:Input and import SnappletLabel\Config\SnapUI_InputMapping.ini.

Press play to confirm the template project runs as expected (the first Label should change the GlobeThing object's material.

You are now ready to add snapplets to your own projects. Visit and watch the 'Label Snapplet' tutorial.

The video tutorials refer to a project folder called 'Snapplet_Label'. Snapplet_Label is the same project as the one you have just created, i.e. SnappletLabel. (The underscore has been removed).

The video tutorials refer to a folder in the Content Browser called \Game\SnapUI. In your template project the folder has been moved to \Game\SnappletLabel\SnapUI.

Technical Details

Number of blueprints: 2

• Customisable 2D Label UI component

• Labels can be used as one of six sub-types of UI component:
Label(static text), Button, Radio button, Checkbox, Tickbox or Menu item.

• Realtime positioning of label snapplets in PIE or standalone exe.
Positioning (dragging) can be disabled for a release build.

• Auto saving and re-loading of last known label positions and values from .ini file between runtime sessions.

• Simple and customisable setup.

• Easily add up to 30 label snapplets on screen.

• Easily access label snapplet output values to drive variables in other blueprints.

• Live step-by-step tutorial videos covering setup, configuration and usage examples.

• 100% Blueprint implementation.

Intended platform: Windows



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