Snappy Roads Blueprint Tool

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Lets you quickly snap together a spline based road network.

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Demo level preview:

This Blueprint allows you to use included, or your own meshes to quickly add road infrastructure to your project. It can be used to create flexible roads, bridges, train tracks in a matter of minutes.

Technical Details

Tutorial link:


  • Even distribution of meshes along a spline
  • Minimal uniform stretching of meshes to precisely fit spline length
  • adjustable scale of meshes along spline
  • No warping
  • Place as many additional props along path as you like(light posts, support columns, buildings etc.)
  • Custom parameters for each additional object group
  • Roughly align and then instantly snap roads to sockets with "Snap" checkbox
  • Automatically add new roads to intersections at socket locations
  • Paint & Deform landscape with splines
  • Automatically align spline meshes to landscape

Number of Blueprints: 2: Snappy Road actor Blueprint; A simple train following a spline example.

Extra Assets Provided: Include limited number of basic low poly meshes of roads, intersections and props, with multiple UVs for texturing, AO and lightmapping, along with textures(road texture is 1024x1024px) and materials, suitable for mobile or VR purposes.

Pack Size: about 53 MB.

Additional Notes:

  • This asset is created for my urban VR project, further development is planned
  • 4.18 is supported
  • BFU (Big Feature Update) is coming soon



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