Snap In Ready Game Modes

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Snap in to any project and have ready classic game modes instantly with customizable options, auto-populating UI, advance sessions and even use your own player character!

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The Snap-In Ready Game Modes system was written to be as easy to understand and integrate as possible. 

All settings can be tweaked from the GameMode datatable without touching the code. Networking is all ready to go as-is but the AdvSessions plugin is also fully supported and all of the ground work is included for it. The AdvSessions plugin is in NO WAY required. The project will function and work perfectly without it. Support is included to make using it simple for those that would like to, but it is optional.

An example project which is built off the TPS template is provided to show the various functionalities. Only the Game Modes portion of the project is ‘officially’ supported (everything inside the SI_RGM folder). Use LAN games and Seamless = FALSE when testing locally. Team selection is included but "parties" support is not.

Note: The AdvSessions plugin is not affiliated with this in any way and is not officially supported here. It is NOT needed to use this product, if you do want the functionalities that it provides you will need to install that plugin and follow the simple instructions provided in this project to turn it on. For ease of use, SIRGM has all of the framework done if you DO decide to use the plugin.

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Technical Details


  • Ready and working classic game modes out of the box (Death Match, Team Death Match, Capture the Flag, Search And Destroy, Duos, Trios(amigos), Squads and of course FFA)
  • Manage and tweak all game mode settings in a single data table (max players, team counts, match time, score limits, seamless travel etc)
  • Easy implementation: migrate SI_RGM project over to yours and set your gamemode and game instance to the included
  • Replicated
  • Auto populating UI (team slots, players in lobby etc)
  • UMG and BP (inc'd psd files)
  • Optional Built-in Advanced Sessions support (requires installing the plugin separately)
  • Use your own player character! Just simply add one (included) macro to your player's death sequence and everything else is handled
  • Toggle-able "team select" support is included as well as "auto-balancing" teams

Total BP: 24

Main Widgets: 6

Supporting Widgets: 11

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Video - Detailed Walkthrough

Discord -best place for support!



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