Snake Temple Smashy Craft Series

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A 3D retro, Zelda-esque dungeon construction set for top down adventure fun!

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View the building blocks with animations here:

A 3D retro, Zelda-esque dungeon construction set for top down adventure fun! This set of 140+ easy to use geometric toon-style level building blocks can be used to rapidly build diverse levels. The blocks are real world scale and built to fit together perfectly on a 25x25 cm grid. They come with a bunch of snappy animations and their solid, chunky build makes them easy to handle so you never need to worry about seams.

Technical Details

Scaled to Epic skeleton: (No)
Physically-Based Rendering: (No)
Texture Size
(512x512): snake_temple_water_tex.tga, snake_temple_waterfall_tex.tga
(1024x1024): snake_temple_floor_01_tex.tga, snake_temple_lower_floor_01_tex.tga, snake_temple_tex.tga, snake_temple_wall_01_tex.tga, snake_temple_water_atlas.tga
(2048x2048): snake_temple_floor_01_atlas.tga, snake_temple_lower_floor_01_atlas.tga, snake_temple_wall_01_atlas.tga
Collision: (Yes custom)
Vertex Count: 32134 all elements combined
LODs: none
Number of Meshes: 153
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 6
Number of Textures: 10
Engine Compatibility: 4.15.2
Intended Platform: Windows, Mac
Platforms Tested: Windows, Mac
Documentation Included: (No)
Important\Additional Notes: none



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