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A fully tweakable smartphone with all the features that you can find in modern AAA games and even more

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A fully tweakable smartphone with features that you can see in modern AAA titles (like taking photos, calling, mailing, web-surfing, music listening, etc.) and even more. There are plenty of tiny little details that will make your in-game smartphone as realistic as possible: there is a notification system, notification center where you can also put any widget you like (weather forecast, music player widget, etc.), smooth page scrolling, battery usage (optional) and apps search.

You will have 8 apps from the box: Web Browser, Phone, Maps, Mail, Camera, Notes, Music, Settings and it is very easy to create your own apps, because any Widget Blueprint inside UE4 can be used as an app!

It is also very easy to transfer this system to your own character: simply add Smartphone Component to the Character Blueprint and bind Get Smartphone function to the button you want.

Showcase video -

Technical Details


  • Ability to create and launch your own apps - any widget Blueprint can be an app
  • Little details to make your smartphone work as realistic as possible: Notification center, App search, page scrolling, battery usage(optional), etc.
  • All basic actions like phone calling or taking photos are replicated
  • Everything that you do on your smartphone widget will be also shown on character's smartphone in his hands!
  • Can be used with any character
  • Documentation is included, all Blueprints are clean, commented and easy to read

Number of Blueprints: Total - 43

Used by this system - 37 (31 Widget Blueprints, 1 Actor Blueprint, 1 Functions Library, 1 Interface Blueprint, 1 Actor Component, 1 Character Blueprint, 1 Animation Blueprint)

Used for example purposes - 6 (3 Actor Blueprints, 1 Interface Blueprint, 1 Save Game, 1 Game Mode)

Input: 1 action mapping - GetPhone (middle mouse button)

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows



-communication in multiplayer using this system is not supported as for now, which means that apps like Mail can't send actual messages to other players in multiplayer. However, all animations are replicated, so you will be able to see other players, for example, calling an AI-controlled character using Phone app or taking photos using Camera app

-VR is not supported

-You have to enable Web Browser plugin in your project (Edit->Plugins->Widgets->Web Browser) before adding this system to your Project Files. If you have already added it before enabling the plugin, simply add SmartphoneSystem to your Project Files once again(overwrite existing files if it asks you to)



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