Smart Spline Generator

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Generate various assets that automatically align to any surface, in highly customizable way.

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This tool allows to generate various assets that automatically align/react to any surface, in highly customizable way. Create ivy, vine, ropes, bridges, fences and more – with many customizable parameters & possibility to use your own meshes.

• Fast and easy generation of surface-aligning assets
• Many parameters for controlling generation behavior, all described in their tooltips and in documentation levels
• In-engine documentation: All the features explained on working examples in demo levels
• Possibility to use your own meshes
• Set of starting presets included
• With help of UE Merge tool, you can convert any generated asset into static mesh, to reuse it in different levels/projects – or to export & edit it in your 3D package!
• Made 100% in Blueprints.

Technical Details

Number of blueprints: 24 (1 main generator blueprint & 23 default presets)

List of features:

• Large set of generation parameters, like spline direction, sub-spline amount, spline/sub-spline length, curve, mesh amount, align rotation, height above ground, random irregularity levels and many, many more…
• Automatic bridge mechanic: Automatically finds nearby surfaces to make bridges with. Allows to control bridge gravity and more (presented in the video)
• Low-poly edge snapping: Allows to generate lower-poly assets without problems caused by low poly count near surface edges (presented in the video)
• Automatic spline mesh optimization – replaces most of spline mesh sections with low-poly versions, leaving only critical areas like edges or corners
• Compatible with UE Merge Actors tool, which allows to convert any generated asset into a single static mesh
• Many starting default presets that you can derive from.

Intended Platforms: All
Platforms Tested: Windows
Documentation Included: Yes (all features explained on working examples in demo levels)



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